All your answers about quinoa and all things GoGo!

How long will quinoa last? 

After growing and living a healthy, sunny life in Bolivia, our quinoa goes through different tests. Then, after attaining its degree from « the best quinoa on earth » university, it then travels to Canada ready to face its new life. At that point, our quinoa has a life expectancy of three years.

Do your products contain gluten?

All of our products are certified gluten-free by the GFCO organization. Our ingredients are also certified gluten-free and we regularly test our products for traces of gluten.

Do your products contain peanuts?
Our factory and warehouse are peanut free and we regularly test our products for traces of peanuts, depending on the risk factor that each product represents. In addition, products containing peanuts are not permitted in any area of the company, including the laboratory, cafeteria and administration offices.

Our breakfast cereal and Puffs lines contain pea protein. Since some people with a peanut allergy may also react to pea protein, we have decided to remove the peanut-free logo from the packaging of all our products as a precaution.

Are your products plant-based?

Yes, all of our ingredients and products are plant-based.

Are your products free of priority allergens?

Our factory and warehouse are free of the 11 priority allergens in Canada. However, we do not test for all of them, only for gluten and peanuts, as stated above.

Are your products kosher?

Our products do not contain any animal or dairy ingredients, but only some of our products carry the logo and are certified kosher by the OU Kosher organization.

What is Royal Quinoa and how is it different from other quinoa varieties?

Royal quinoa, only found in the Bolivian Altiplano, is the most premium variety of quinoa, with a grain that is much larger than conventional quinoa. Its texture is lighter and airier, and since it is pre-washed, it has a less bitter taste.

What does it mean when you say your cereals are Plastic Neutral?

Since its release, our breakfast cereal line has been certified Plastic Neutral, which means that we fund the recovery of as many kilograms of plastic waste that ends up in the environment as we use in our packaging. To learn more, visit our Plastic Neutral page.

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