Plastic Neutrality

About our Plastic Neutral commitment

What is plastic neutrality?

Following the same principle as carbon neutrality, plastic neutrality means that for every amount of plastic created, a measured equivalent of plastic waste is recovered and removed from the environment by an individual or company through recycling/waste management efforts or plastic offset credits. 

« We have seen the devastating amount of waste generated every day by the food industry, so to us, the urgency of this crisis was impossible to ignore, and we decided to step up by taking immediate action. »

Clara Cohen, Co-founder of GoGo Quinoa.

In Canada alone, over 3.3 million tonnes of plastic end up in landfills each year and only about 9% of it gets recycled.

GoGo Quinoa has joined rePurpose Global, the world’s first Plastic Credit Platform, to certify two of our lines of products (Puffs and breakfast cereals) as Plastic Neutral and thus contribute to their mission to fight against plastic pollution in the world by financing the recovery and processing of plastic waste.

An impact project in Bogotá, Colombia

Our employees voted to support a waste management project in Bogotá, Colombia. This impact project will collect the equivalent weight of the plastic derived from our cereals and Puffs lines, to process hard-to-recycle waste streams, that would have otherwise too low value to be reclaimed from the environment, such as chocolate wrappers, chips packets, and similar flexible packaging items.

Supporting such a project internationally allows each dollar invested to have a greater impact. As plastic pollution is a global problem, the benefits of such an international project will have a positive impact far beyond its borders.

You can look for this logo on our products to know that it is certified Plastic Neutral: