Touchdown-Worthy Quinoa Recipes for Your Super Bowl Spread

Whether it's the game, the halftime show, or the food, there is something for everyone on Super Bowl Sunday. For us, it’s allll about the food. We gathered a few easy and fun recipes to help you choose your lineup for the big game!

Here are our GoGo Quinoa star players:


Baked Mac and Vegan Cheese with Spinach recipe by GoGo Quinoa


Pure comfort food, this dish is an adult version of the mac and cheese we all ate as kids. Why not serve it as individual portions to enjoy it in front of your TV?

Quinoa tacos recipe by GoGo Quinoa

Tacos might not be your first thought for finger food, but they are fun and versatile. You can create a taco bar so everyone can garnish their own: cheese, tomatoes, salsa, guac, mango, cilantro...The options are endless!

GoGo Trail mix recipe by GoGo Quinoa

Trail mix will always be a people pleaser. Add a little GoGo magic, and you’ve got yourself a unique snack!

Win your guests over with this flavourful mix. On one hand, you have dill pickle, vegan cheese, salt and vinegar, and sriracha Puffs, and on the other, choco chips, double chocolate, and orange mango cookies. Which one is going your win your heart?

We wish you a delicious game day. May the best team win!