GoGo’s 5 tips for shopping in your budget

It’s no secret to us, most people right now are forced to cut down on their budgets and start looking for ways to save money. And in this context, we wanted to offer consumers a free guide, with budget-friendly recipes and a few tips and tricks, in hopes that it will help you keep eating better, cheaper, and with no compromise on taste! 

Here are our 5 food-related tips to stay in your budget: 

  1. Integrate most plant-based proteins and legumes in your recipes (the Canadian food guide recommends it!) 
  2. Plan your weekly meals according to the sales at your local grocery store 
  3. Prioritize cooking meals at home when you have the energy and time for it. You’ll realize that a home-made plate of pasta can cost up to 5 times less than what you pay at a restaurant.  
  4. Make sure you’re not throwing away food at the end of the week, because of bad planning. It’s basically throwing your money in the garbage! 
  5. Buy in bigger quantities when your favorite products are on sale. For example, when your favorite brand (ahem, ahem) has a sale for quinoa month (25% off all quinoa grains 😎), stock up and you’ll save money in the long run. Just an example.  


      How can GoGo help in your cost-effective meal-planning?  

      In lots of ways! We recently launched a recipe ebook focused on exactly that: GoGo Quinoa’s Guide to Budget-Friendly Eating. In this ebook, we give you additional tips to meal-prep with quinoa and we’ve put together 10 budget-friendly recipes just for you (one of which is an exclusive recipe developed by Sara Girard from @macuisinedetouslesjours).  

      To download it, head over to this page